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Decorative geometric sans serif with prominent ink traps

19 fonts • 2 free


Geometric sans serif perfect for every project

23 fonts • 2 free


Geometric sans serif with a distinct character

41 Fonts • 4 free


Geometric sans serif ideal for setting text

24 fonts • 2 free


Display typeface with playful character

13 fonts • 1 free


Whether it’s one of our finely-tuned creations, a custom-built font, tailor-made lettering or an exclusive logotype, your brand deserves a competitive edge. So why wait?

At Type Forward, we believe in the power of individuality. It’s a notion that can trace its roots back to the origins of design and one that has propelled us to new horizons while enriching our shared perspectives. Deep within our vaults, we have something for everyone, newly-minted startups or veteran players alike.


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