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Whether it’s one of our finely-tuned creations or a custom-built font, tailor-made lettering or an exclusive logotype, your brand deserves a competitive edge. So why wait?

At Type Forward we believe in the power of individuality, and strive to offer a full range of services that will serve everyone, from newly-minted startups to veteran players. Choose from our library of meticulously crafted fonts or get in touch for a custom-built product designed specifically for your requirements. Rejuvenate your visual identity with a brand new logotype, or get in touch to learn more about our numerous licensing options. No matter the project, we are here to help bring your business to a higher standard.

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Font Modification

Got your eyes on one of our creations, but feeling like it needs a touch of uniqueness to better express your brand values?

All of our library fonts can be modified to fit your product and create a distinct and unmistakable identity. This includes adding support for various languages, adapting individual symbols, incorporating OpenType features or even completely converting a pre-existing font. No need to worry about copycats either - the end result will carry an individual name of your choosing, as well as a specific license that fits your particular requirements.

Custom Typeface

If you are having trouble picking a favourite from our wide-ranging catalogue, we are ready to work with your team and build you a custom, fully functional typeface from scratch.

This powerful tool will not only serve as a statement of intent on behalf of your brand, but will also give you complete control over how others perceive it. And the process doesn’t end there - before we sign off on any creation of ours, we will make sure it works just as intended depending on your line of commerce, technical environment, target audience and overall vision.

Design Services

A well-designed logo can not only imprint itself on your potential customers, but also serves as a conduit for your brand’s values, purpose and service.

We are always happy to share our experience in graphic design and help you put a fresh new spin on your visual identity, whether it’s a logotype, trademark, custom lettering or overall identity. These are some of the cornerstones of a successful enterprise, and will ensure that clients remember your brand and create positive, relevant associations with it. From colors and symbols to typography and icons, Type Forward will be with you through every step of the journey. (And yes, we can hold hands too.)

Custom Licensing

Sometimes the essentials just might not be enough. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Need your font license to go the extra mile? We are ready with made-to-measure options for all of our partners, such as enterprise licenses for large companies, or broadcast packages suitable for television or cinema projects. You can test any font using a trial version, or even purchase a full buyout license, which will guarantee you the right to use the particular typeface in any setting, with no restrictions in terms of medium, format or timespan - all for one single fee.

And in case you’re looking for something else – drop us a line at [email protected] and we can help you pick the most suitable option.


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